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  • True Kemono Shoebill Head Base

    • 130.00

    Why buy a FuzzButt Head?

    Lightweight and vents heat:

    Ask anyone with fursuiting experience what detracts the most from their ability to enjoy suiting and one answer will stand out above the rest: Heat. All our heads come with vent holes specially placed to make the head easy to pattern, reduce weight, and help vent heat. More vent holes can be added as requested. Further, we offer a range of fans to fit in the muzzle to force air through the base and across your face. Stop spending all your time cooling off in the headless lounge and get back to suiting faster!

    Doesn’t snap like a rigid resin head:

    Our heads are printed with a non-petroleum thermoplastic that will flex before taking damage. Make no mistake, though! These heads are still stiff and will maintain its shape perfectly.

    Comes Cut, Hinged, and Springed:

    Does your fursona need a moving jaw? Awesome! Don’t break the bank getting your jaw cut and hinged for you. We print your order as two separate pieces, and take care of all the hardware assembly for you. When your base arrives you can unpack it and get right to the fun part!

    What’s more, our hinges are designed right into the base! No more worrying about snapping the hinge off the back of the head, getting it caught on something, or having to hide it with foam. These moving jaw heads come assembled and ready to pad and fur!

    Old models and Replacement Parts Always Available:

    Ordered a base years ago and need half the jawset replaced? We can do that! Still in love with the old head shape, but want to fur up a version 2 of your sona? Not a problem! Want to add LED eyes to an old custom base? Done!

    Our files are stored in three separate places locally, and versioned backups are uploaded daily to an off-site third-party datacenter, so you can rest assured that we always have your files on hand!

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