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  • Waterproof Printed Iris Set

    • 15.00

    Price is for a 2 piece set.
    Description of options:

    What's buckram and can you explain what waterproof irises are?

    Buckram is a see-through mesh material. It is a common material used for the eyes of fursuits and other non-fursuit related crafts
    [Waterproof printed irises] are irises, pupil, and eye light printed on buckram using our unique waterproofing process. Unlike paint, the ink doesn't have to be layered on, won't seep into the holes of the buckram, and doesn't require sealants. The buckram can be run under water without the ink bleeding. There is no sealer needed on these leaving your vision as unrestricted as possible. The back of the iris is blacked out to allow for even better vision. These irises will not bleed if you accidentally spray them with most fursuit disinfectant sprays, or 50/50 water/isopropyl alcohol spray.

    What's an iris design?
    The iris design is what a character's eyes look like. It includes the iris (the color of the eyes), the pupil, and the shape of light reflected in the eyes. There are three different ways to get the iris design you want.

    Option 1. You can ask for our standard look, which you can find among the photos above, and includes a color per eye (which will be made into a gradient), which you can use this color picker to get a code for.
    Option 2. You can give us the color code for the iris, the shape and color of the pupil, and the shape and color of the reflected light.

    Option 3. You can provide a reference of the iris or send us a minimum 5inx5in file that contains one iris digitally drawn in at least 350ppi. If you choose to send a file, make sure your iris touches edges where necessary (ie. round touches each edge of the canvas, oval touches top and bottom.

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