Waterproof Printed Iris Set

Waterproof Printed Iris Set

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Price is for a 2 piece set.Introducing our new dye sublimated eyes! Choose from our recently overhauled and extended library of standard colors/shines/pupils, have us remake your simple references, or provide your own art to be direct printed! Gradual gradients, light tints, and deep shades are no problem for our top quality inks and hardware!

The backs of all eyes are fully blacked out for maximum wearer vision.

[Waterproof printed irises] are irises, pupil, and eye light printed on mesh. Unlike paint, the ink doesn't have to be layered on, won't seep into the holes of the mesh, and doesn't require sealants. No sealer means your vision remains as unrestricted as possible. These irises will not bleed if sprayed with fursuit disinfectant sprays, water, or isopropyl alcohol.

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