Art Prints

Ready to place an order? Send us an email to get started! To expedite the process, consider including the art you'd like printed, sizes, and quantities in the email.

Looking to get furry art printed? Look no further! FuzzButt Fursuits is now offering professional art printing services, using only OEM inks and premium papers.

Our printing operation is entirely furry owned and operated, so if you're looking for a discreet, judgement free place to get your art printed, you've come to the right place!

We offer an array of printing mediums:

Cotton/Poly Canvas suitable for gallery wrapping.

Matte / Satin / Glossy heavy weight photo paper.

Metallic paper that gives your art an incredible, complex shine!

We can print any size up to 13" x 19"

We can work with nearly any file type and resolution. Ideal is a PNG or Tiff at 300+ppi, however If your file is on the small side we can still enlarge and print it if you don't mind it being a little blurry!


We keep our prices very straightforward to make it simple to estimate your total at a glance:

Base cost is $0.06 per square inch. This covers Matte, Satin, or Glossy photo papers. Metallic paper is $0.01 extra.

For example:


2.5x3.5" $0.53 8.75 * 0.06
6x8" $2.52 42*0.06
8.5x11" $5.61 93.5 * 0.06
13x19" $14.82 247 * 0.06

Looking for multiple prints? Contact us! We will work with you on the price.


Shipping is available worldwide. A shipping quote will be provided once we discuss details such as size, quantity, and whether prints can be rolled into a tube.

Turnaround time is the same as our fursuit accessories: Same 2-week shipping cycle if ordered early in the cycle, else it ships in the following shipping cycle. If you're in a hurry please let us know up front.

What don't we print?

While we want to provide the broadest list possible of acceptable subject matter, we do have some guidelines in keeping with the spirit of the service, laws, etc. We recognize that there's a lot of gray area and will use our discretion on a case by case basis. Some general guidelines are:

No scat, snuff, or glorified violence including vore.

No children or children-lookalikes in NSFW situations.

No hate art which attacks a group, whether literal or symbolic.

No art in which furries aren't present. Scales, feathers, etc are welcome too! We love your wildlife stills and anime art as much as the next person, but ultimately we're a furry-focused business.



If you wish to sell art on your site and purchase prints to be shipped to a third party, we can do that!


Rights of ownership:

We may retain a copy of the supplied art file to facilitate reordering, but are not bound by an obligation to do so. If you prefer we delete the files after printing we have no problems doing so, it's your art!

Under no circumstance will we sell, print, advertise with, or ship your art without your explicit consent. You reserve all rights and ownership to your art.

Please do not attempt to use our service to print art for which you don't have permission. We do exercise due diligence to prevent printing stolen art. If we ask you for proof of ownership please don't see it as an accusation, it's just our process for respecting the artist and their property.

Some Examples of our work:

Artist Naughty Gobling, Commissioner CoyoteCore
Art by Naughty-Gobling (FA) on Luster paper
Naughty-Gobling (Comm by Northern Malagon)
Art by Northern Malagon on Luster paper