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    Hi and welcome to our site! We are fursuit makers based in Ohio, USA (but we ship internationally!). We’ve been making fursuits since 2010 and we love it. We pride ourselves on making quality fursuits to your specification and providing prompt, professional communication. We offer payment plans, two methods of payment(Stripe and Paypal), and all fursuit orders come with a free reference if necessary! For more details, please read our terms of service.

    I, Zeke, was introduced to furries by my now-husband, Gizmo. We met at an anime con in Alaska while in high school. He wore this rented mascot costume and I was a neko in a kimono. He told me all about furries and showed me pictures and I realized I was one too so I made a fursona on the spot.

    The first time I laid eyes on a real fursuit I knew I had to have one too. They were so cool! I became part of the community, and made art while finishing high school. On my 18th birthday my parents bought me the supplies to make my first ever fursuit. I’ll admit that it was terrible and riddled with problems, but it was a start!

    In 2010 I moved to Alaska to live with Gizmo. My second suit was made for him. I continued to make many more for others, each suit getting better than the last. Gizmo joined in as our electronics engineer, handling the electronics such as active cooling and lighting. He also helps out with sewing and planning out how to make harder pieces when necessary. As of October 2020 we have a combined 16 years of creating fursuits,so if you're looking for a high quality, custom suit of your own, we invite you to come join the Fuzz Butt family!

    Finally, a shout out to say thank you to all our commissioners. Without you we wouldn't be here, keep being awesome!