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Mystery Base Box

Mystery Base Box

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Looking to push your creativity to the limit? Want to make premades but can't decide what to make? Then look no further! Grab yourself a mystery box to be sent a randomly chosen base. When the box arrives you open it up, discover your new species, and start designing! To make things interesting mystery boxes containing a base are $10 less than the listed value of the base, skulls are $20 less!

Not random enough? Add the accessories package to up the ante! Accessories like claws or silicone may be different colors, or even different colors within the same piece. All accessories included in the box will be made to fit the base you receive and the value of the accessories will add up to AT LEAST the price paid!

Accessories you may find in your box:

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Eye blanks


Waterproof Printed Irises



Foam Paws

Hooves including dewclaws (foam or 3d printed)



Sandpaper kit




Silicone Noses, tongues, pawpads

Neck Fans

Mini Neodymium magnet set for eyelids

Fur brush


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