FAQ/Tips/Bulk Discounts

Bulk Discounts

We offer 10% off for 4+ head blanks or 8+ eye blank sets. The discount codes can be used more than once and don't expire.

Discount Codes:

4+ head blanks: 4Head

8+ Eye blank sets: 8Eyes

F.A.Q. and Tips

(Further FAQs can be found through our FAQ discord channel)

  • We will never give out or sell models or files of any kind. Our models are special to us and we'd like to keep it that way.

  • Here are all our videos combined to an album.
  • If you order a custom head from us, rest assured that we keep copies of each model ordered. If you ever need a replacement or a duplicate of something in your order, give us the order number and we can get that reprinted for you.
  • For customs, we are not currently looking to do custom skull bases and we don't use models done by others.

  • All bases are moving jaw, however, they can be converted to static. Seal the hinges and put something dense between the two pieces or redline, or sketch over, the renders for the base you want and write static jaw on them and send them to us for approval.

  • Please don't be afraid to ask for a custom base or adjustments to one of our already done bases. We're happy to do them. We don't charge for modelling.
  • We can print these in different colors if people want them. Just contact us and we can see about finding the color you want. Please note that this will likely come at an additional cost.
  • These heads weigh around 1 lb and they are durable. If we were to drop one of these, we'd be more worried about the floor than the head. Here is one of our strength tests. We'll be doing another in the future where we drop, toss, and try to destroy a print.
  • There has also been concern over fit. This is our normal size for heads. We can easily alter these heads to be shorter as well. This normally means shorter cheeks as well. For height, you can include a straight ruler measurement from your jaw to the top of your head and we'll adjust the head for you. We don't use or do specific measurements for the heads! Measurements for jaws, eyes, and noses are included in the photos of the prints. If you need any further measurements, please feel free to ask before ordering.
  • These do have room to install a fan and wear glasses as you can see from the size photos. Just pad to fit.
  • You can use hot glue on these. We use a high temp glue gun and the most it does is warm up the print a bit. We still suggest caution, but regular gluing is fine.
  • All eye sets are specific to the base bought. They connect on the inside of the base rather than as inserts. Most bases have a tab on the eye to see how to position the eye.
  • Vent holes will not cause any dents in the fur or minky you use as long as the fur or minky is laid over the hole like the tape pattern was. We haven't seen any denting in ours and we laid it on like we would with a foam head.
  • For the vent holes to work, cut the holes out of any inner padding from the outside and avoid gluing over the holes or gluing the back of the fur or minky and it should vent just fine.