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    Bulk Discounts

    We offer 10% off for bulk orders. The discount codes can be used more than once and don't expire.

    Discount Codes:

    4+ Head blanks: 4Head

    8+ Eye blank sets: 8Eyes

    6+ Fan kits: 6Fans

    4+ Mannies: MannieArmy

    F.A.Q. and Tips

    (Further FAQs can be found through our FAQ discord channel)

    • We will never give out or sell models or files of any kind. Our models are special to us and we'd like to keep it that way.

    • Wait times are clearly stated on our home page, thank you page, confirmation email and a checkbox on the product page. Please refer to the products wait time agreement for more details.

    • Here are all our videos combined to an album. Includes strength, waterproof iris, RGB LED, moving jaw, and 3D follow-me eye tests.

    • If you order a custom head from us, rest assured that we keep copies of each model ordered. If you ever need a replacement or a duplicate of something in your order, give us the order number and we can get that reprinted for you.
    • We can print these in different colors if people want them. Just contact us and we can see about finding the color you want. Please note that this will likely come at an additional cost.
    • These heads weigh around 1 lb and they are durable. If we were to drop one of these, we'd be more worried about the floor than the head. Here is one of our strength tests. 
    • If you want to know how well the jaw moves or how the eyes work, here's an eye and jaw test that we did.

    • "My eyes don't fit." All products are tested for fit before shipping. Check your packing slip. If it was checked and says inserts, you ordered inserts. If there is no note and only a check, you ordered our original design. These options are explained where you selected them. Please refer back to the product page for more information.
    • All bases are made to be glasses compatible and are roomy enough to install a fan. Just pad to fit.
    • You can use hot glue on these. We use a high temp glue gun and the most it does is warm up the print a bit. We still suggest caution, but regular gluing is fine. Avoid cheap glues. If you are having troubles getting glue to stick, wipe with iso to remove any oils from touching, let dry, and try again.
    • Most bases have a tab on the eye that makes it easy to position the eye blank. These are also on the original design eye blanks to make it easy to see how to position the eye blank/iris.

    • To attach the iris on rims, cut around the outline of the eye blank leaving extra space, tack the rim onto it with a little hot glue while keeping the rim positioned within the outline, and glue the iris a little bit at a time onto the bottom of the rim. To finish, cut little darts into the extra space left all the way around the outline and glue them to the rim. Repeat with the second eye.

    • To attach the iris on whites, cut around the iris leaving about a quarter inch space for gluing, tape the iris to the whites and test it in the head base, and adjust until it's aligned the way you want. Once you have your alignment, leave the tape on, tack the iris on the blank with hot glue, remove the tape, and glue the iris onto the blank a little bit at a time. Repeat with the second eye.
    • Vent holes will not cause any dents in the fur or minky you use as long as the fur or minky is laid over the hole like the tape pattern was. We haven't seen any denting in ours and we laid it on like we would with a foam head.
    • For the vent holes to work, cut the holes out of any inner padding from the outside and avoid gluing over the holes or gluing the back of the fur or minky and it should vent just fine. Because the holes are spaced far enough apart, cutting the holes should not have any effect on how the padding works.

    • Use non-roll woven elastic. If your elastic is easy to stretch, look for a new elastic. We recommend woven non-roll. You can also use adjustable nylon straps or a head harness.

    • Always install a chin stop and forehead stop even if your base is a static jaw. These prevent the base from sliding back on your head and pressing against your throat.

    • We suggest wrapping the neck area with a piece of foamie, or craft foam. This will prevent hard plastic from rubbing on your neck.

    • To use our paw bases, rough up the surface(we do this with a dremel) and use high temp hot glue.

    • If you have any further questions or would like to share progress, please feel free to join our discord server.