FAQ/Tips/Bulk Discounts

Bulk Discounts

We offer 10% off for bulk orders. The discount codes can be used more than once and don't expire.

Discount Codes:

4+ Head blanks: 4Head

8+ Eye blank sets: 8Eyes

6+ Fan kits: 6Fans

4+ Mannies: MannieArmy

F.A.Q. and Tips

(Further FAQs can be found through our FAQ discord channel)

1. Do you sell files or STLs?

  • We will never give out or sell models or files of any kind. Our models are special to us and we'd like to keep it that way.

2. Can you print my model?

  • Due to the complexity of what we do and for legal reasons regarding rights to files, we don't print other's models.

3. What is the current wait time?

  • Wait times are clearly stated as a wait time agreement on all products, on the home page and thank you page, and your confirmation email. Please refer to the products wait time agreement for more details.

4. Do you have any tutorial videos? How durable are the bases?

5. How much do your bases usually weigh?

  • The weight of the base is dependent on size, but most bases weigh around 1 to 1.5lbs.

6. Are the bases glasses compatible?

  • All bases are made to be glasses compatible and are roomy enough to install a fan. Just pad to fit.

7. How do I order a custom base?

  • To get a custom base, please follow the instructions here. Modelling costs $5 to $15 dollars extra based on how much you want changed. We are not currently looking to do custom skull or skull-like bases.

8. Can I reorder a custom base?

  • If you order a custom head from us, rest assured that we keep copies of each model. If you ever need a replacement or a duplicate of something in your order, place an order with your previous order number and a note in the cart and we can get that reprinted for you.

9. Do the bases come hinged or with hardware?

  • Moving jaw bases come assembled and springs are included. Static jaw bases are assembled with all necessary hardware. You can also order an assembly kit and extra springs from the add-ons section of the site.

10. Can I request an unlisted plastic color?

  • If you would like a specific color of filament within limits, we can get it. Contact us with the color you're looking for and we'll let you know if we can do it. Printing large parts with different colors does come at an additional cost however.

11. Do the holes in the base show when furred?

  • As long as you lay the fur over the holes without pressing into the holes, they shouldn't show. If you are uncomfortable with it or you just want to be extra careful, try putting a breathable fabric over the holes before furring.

12. Do the eyes, teeth, or horns come attached?

  • We don't do assembly of any parts to the base. All parts will come separately with screws for horn attachment. Spikes will need to be glued on. All parts are test fitted before shipping out.

13. What glue should I use?

  • Before gluing, we recommend wiping the base and attachment areas with iso to remove any oils from touching and let it dry. We suggest using high temp hot glue and gluing a little bit at a time as the plastic does cool the glue down. Avoid using yellow or cheap glue sticks. If you are using super glue for part attachment, you can also use a little bit of hot glue to tack it in place while it cures.

14. How do I pad the base?

  • We highly recommend using eva foam for the majority of padding and a little bit of upholstery foam if you feel it's uncomfortable and wrap the neck area with a foamie, or craft foam. You can always cut the vent holes out of your padding for maximum breathability. Always avoid gluing into the holes. The less glue in the holes, the better the base breaths.

15. What elastic should I use?

  • We highly recommend using non-roll woven elastic. Avoid using elastics that are easily stretched. You can also use adjustable nylon straps or a head harness.

16. My base keeps slipping back. How do I fix that?

  • If your base is sliding back on your head, that means you forgot to put in a chin stop and/or forehead stop. Stops keep your head from slipping into the base. We have chin stops, but we recommend EVA foam with upholstery foam padding for the forehead stop. Always cover your stops with a fabric such as lycra, spandex, or neoprene with extra on the edges to allow for a better hold on the base.

17. My base isn't close enough to my eyes. Can I dremel it?

  • The bases can be altered with a dremel as you see fit. Mark where you want the cut to be and let the dremel do the work. Just hold tight on the dremel and be careful not to let it slip. Do not cut over your legs!

18. My eyes don't fit.

  • "My eyes don't fit." All products are tested for fit before shipping. Check your packing slip as it will say whether or not you ordered inserts. If it says "NOT inserts", you ordered our original design eye blanks. These options are explained where you selected them. Please refer back to the product page for more information.

19. How do I install the irises?

  • If you ordered rims, just glue the eye blank within the outer line, trim the edges, and then glue around the edge for better hold. Test before gluing. If you ordered whites, cut around the iris leaving enough extra for gluing and tape the iris onto the blank. Test with the base and adjust as necessary then glue around the edge of the iris once you've found how you like it. Repeat on the opposite eye.

20. How do I install the eye blanks?

  • For inserts, you'll want to insert the eyes into the socket after the base is furred. For original design, glue flush to the inside of the base. In most bases there is a small tab at the top of the eye to line up the eyes with the base. This can be done before or after the base is furred base on your preferences.

21. How do I install the jawset?

  • First, sand the jawset. If you are using filler primer to help with the sanding process, tape the edges where the jawset meets the base. You don't want anything between the jawset and the base or it will not fit right. Paint with acrylics and seal it. Once cured, you can attach the jawset with high temp hot glue.

22. How do I use the foam paws?

  • To use our paw bases, carve out the inside to fit shoes or whatever you're trying to fit them to and rough up all surfaces(we do this with a dremel with the sandpaper head) and use high temp hot glue when furring.
If you have any further questions or would like to share progress, please feel free to join our discord server.