Get A Fursuit Quote

To get a quote from us. We require that you send a form containing all we need to know about what you want in your fursuit. The form can also be used for fursuit pieces and is linked at the bottom of this page.

Quotes: Open Even When Full
Full and Partial Commissions: Closed (Full)
Piece Commissions: 3 Open

If you have a deadline, we will try to make it, but we cannot guarantee it. We are no rush fursuit makers and quality is top priority.

Please have the base you would like used ready to link. If you want me to choose things, that’s fine, but you still have to specify certain bits like realistic, pawpads, claws, etc. We are closed for partial and full commissions. All piece slots are still open. Quotes will remain open while the slots are full so people can save for later.

To expedite your quote, please address every question and double check for accuracy. Please make sure you don’t skip the long answer questions. There is one at the bottom of every section. If you have any issues with filling out the form or you aren’t sure about something on the form, please contact us before sending it! Don’t forget to read our Terms of Service as well!

Head Base Options (Pick whichever head base you want. We charge extra to use other maker's head bases.):

FuzzButtFursuits(Toony/Kemono/Realistic/Custom - No extra cost unless it has a horn, tusks, etc.)  |  DVC (Realistic)  |  Tsebresos (Realistic)  |  MaxVfrc1576 (Realistic/Custom Options)

Paw and Hoove Base Options (Pick whichever base you want. There’s no extra charge):

DVC Paw Toes (Toony Canine – Closest to my style and works for other species)  |  DVC Hooves

The Quote Form