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  • Sandpaper Kit

    • 5.00

    Reminder: Bases are 3D printed plastic, not resin and don't need to be sanded or roughed up for gluing.


    These kits are perfect for sanding noses, beaks, and anything else you might need. Each kit comes with 5 different grits ranging from coarse to very fine. Take the guesswork out of which grits you need, which brands to use, and stop wasting time on cheap sandpapers that rip, tear, shed grit, have poor grit tolerances and/or poor grit distribution. This sand paper is the highest quality you can find anywhere and used by professional woodworkers everywhere. They're made in Germany, backed by cloth not paper, and made of high quality aluminum oxide. The grit and distribution is extremely uniform, giving an exceptional sanding experience which doesn't produce deep scars in some places while leaving other places smooth. Exact grits may vary a little from kit to kit, but the distribution of grits will always be similar and will work just as well. Each grit is approximately 20 cm long, and widths vary but will be similar to what's shown in the picture.

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