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Before contacting us, please read the information on the product page and check out our Policies and FAQ page. We have shipping details, bulk codes, and tips there. Thanks!

Wait time is approximately 8 weeks for orders with non-premade bases.

We will never give out or sell models or files of any kind. Our models are special to us and we'd like to keep it that way.

You can use the contact form below to email or you can contact us through any of these links:

Discord (Come chat! Best contact. Weekly shipping updates here.)  |  Twitter (Weekly shipping updates here. No account required to view.)  |  Furaffinity  |  DeviantArt  |  InkBunny  |  Weasyl

Just want to see where we are on your suit? There is no public base queue!


Just want to see where we are on your base order?

Check the weekly shipping updates (links above).
Asking us here will get you the same response.