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  • Bovine/Cervine Skull

    • 200.00

    These bases are made using the same lightweight materials and processes you've come to expect from a FuzzButt base, they include our integrated hinges with spring return, and an integrated jawset!

    The inside of the eyes feature a flat face which takes well to glue and makes installing buckram a breeze.

    Please note that as these skulls are 3d printed they will have the properties typical of 3d printing. This includes small horizontal ridges of each layer and occasional small imperfections which can be filled and sanded with a little time. We take care of any larger imperfections before shipping, but tiny imperfections will be left to the user to decide what to do with. Personally we think it gives the skull a more aged look and would recommend painting them a darker "discolored bone" color.

    These heads are printed using a smaller layer height and slower speed than our typical headbases in order to make it easier for the buyer to sand smooth if desired and to ensure the smaller parts are printed as strong as possible. The difference in price between these and our typical head bases is due to them taking triple the time and double the materials to make compared to our typical bases.

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