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  • Gender Neutral Style Eye Set (2D or 3D)

    • 5.00

    Price is for a 2 piece set.
    Description of options:

    What's the difference between eye rims only and eyes w/ whites?Both options are for 3D follow-me eyes. You can find a picture of these among the photos above.[Rims only] are just the outside wall which provides the depth. This option provides the best vision because there's no wall to obstruct it.[Eyes w/ whites] are the edges plus the whites of the eye. These have a cut-out shape of your choosing through which you see.

    What do you mean by iris shape?

    Iris shape is for eyes w/ whites. The iris is the portion of the eye you will see out of. The iris is the colored portion of the eye, not to be confused with the pupil. You can find an example picture of these among the photos above. If you aren't getting eyes or you are getting eye rims only, please type N/A in the text box.

    What's the difference between the options?

    [Blank white or black eye mesh] is just regular cotton mesh. It is not treated to be waterproof and only comes in white. We send these separately so they can be colored by the suit maker.[Waterproof printed irises] are irises, pupil, and eye light printed on buckram using our unique waterproofing process. Unlike paint, the ink doesn't have to be layered on, won't seep into the holes of the buckram, and doesn't require sealants. The buckram can be run under water without the ink bleeding. There is no sealer needed on these leaving your vision as unrestricted as possible. The back of the iris is also blacked out to allow for even better vision.

    What's an iris design?
    The iris design is what a character's eyes look like. It includes the iris (the color of the eyes), the pupil, and the shape of light reflected in the eyes. There are three different ways to get the iris design you want.

    Option 1. You can ask for our standard look, which you can find among the photos above, and includes a color or multiple colors per eye, which you can use this color picker to get a code for.
    Option 2. You can give us a reference and we'll make the eye to the best of our abilities.

    Option 3. You can provide your own iris following instructions we give. Note that we'll only give these instructions once we're contacted or through the myo-iris-approval channel in our discord and we'll give approval for the order once the iris matches our requirements for it.
    What does plastic color mean? Can you do other colors?
    Plastic color is the color the eyes are printed in. We only print in one color per piece which means if you want eyes w/ whites, but you want the rims black, you will have to paint them yourself. As for colors other than black or white, you will have to ask for them and we will see if how we can accommodate you. Please contact us regarding unlisted color before ordering.

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