Small Cloven Hoof Set

  • 35.00

Price is for a 2 piece set measuring approximately:
Length: 7"
Width: 7"
Height: 4"

Our hooves come in two varieties: Foam and 3d printed. Please note that we do not sell resin hooves, as resin is too prone to cracking.

Expanding foam:
Our foam hooves are durable enough to be used on shoes, but flexible enough to not impede your ability to walk. Due to the cost and nature of creating foam paws/hooves we cannot offer customization on these. We offer custom color matching with our foam hooves. This color matching is eyeballed and may not match 100%. Due to the nature of the process there may be some swirls in the coloration.

3D printed:
Our 3d printed hooves are harder, heavier, and clop when they strike the floor flat. It's recommended that you glue foam to the inside of the printed version, and glue the other side of the foam to your shoe. This will make it easier to position the hoof in such a way that it can strike the floor flatly as well as making them easier to walk in. For 3d printed hooves we offer black and white standard, but if you're looking for another color come talk to us on our discord and see if we can get you the color you're looking for.

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