Custom Fursuit Handpaws

  • 300.00

Fursuits aren't ordered via the shop. If you would like a fursuit, please go to the quote page and make sure to read our ToS. Price listed is a base price.

Additional costs for handpaws are:

  • Puffy paws: +$50
  • Elbow-length sleeves: +$20
  • Shoulder-length sleeves: +$40
  • Resin finger hooves: +$50 and up depending on if you want regular, shimmer, or glitter
  • Padded mink pawpads: +$15
  • Silicone pawpads: +$30 and up depending on if you want regular, glow in the dark, granite, etc.
  • Large foam or resin claws (excluding small-large canine, feline, bear, and raptor): +$20 and up
  • Specialty resin claws (UV, shimmer, glow in the dark, etc.): +$10 and up

Other additional costs:

  • 3 or more colors: +$50 per added color