If you use our products in the production of your own work, including commissions, please give credit where credit is due.

We will never grant permission to copy or reproduce any of our products in part or in whole. We will pursue legal action if necessary, but would rather not waste everyone's time on that.

We guarantee our work to be free of manufacturing defects for two weeks after you receive your order. If you discover a defect which was not a result of improper use, contact us to make arrangements to have the item replaced. We do not offer refunds on un-resalable pieces or pieces which have already shipped.

The plastic we use is totally bio-safe to use and completely recyclable. All materials we use are specifically chosen for their intended purpose, and are shatter and break resistant.

Please remember to be safe, keep a handler or spotter around while suiting, and drink plenty of water to avoid overheating.

Shipping Info

All customers will receive an email including tracking info once your order has shipped. We do not offer local pickup.

We don't offer first class mailing. We apologize for the high shipping prices for international. We don't want to offer first class as it's too risky, can't be tracked past the US border, and can't be insured. We want your packages to arrive safely and priority allows that. US packages ship via priority mailing.

All orders are shipped through USPS with tracking and insurance. If anything should become damaged during shipping, please contact us with a photo and hold onto the package. Remember, the package is insured and we will do all we can to resolve the issue.

We don't cover custom fees or taxes and will not mark the package as a gift as doing so is illegal.

After shipment, if your order has not reached you, we suggest contacting USPS (1-800-ASK-USPS) for more information. Bad weather and customs may cause a delay in shipping.

Return Policy

All sales are final so please keep this in mind when ordering. If a customer decides they want something different, we will not replace the item. Products that have been well worn, abused, or purposefully destroyed will not be accepted for replacement. We will return those to you. If you purchase something sold as faulty or discounted, they will not qualify for replacement. 

Because our bases need to be padded for smaller heads, there shouldn't be any issues with size. However, if you do happen to run into a size issue, contact us before returning the product so we can up-size the print and replace it. Measurements for jaws, eyes, and noses are included in the photos of the prints. If you need any further measurements, please feel free to ask before ordering.

If there are any problems with your order, please contact us within 2 weeks of receiving it. For example, the wrong item was sent, item is the wrong color, or an item is missing. We pride ourselves on creating quality products and we will never purposefully send you something faulty, however, we are still human and mistakes do happen. We will do whatever we can to fix the issue.


We offer 10% off for 4+ head blanks or 8+ eye blank sets. The discount codes can be used more than once and don't expire.

Discount Codes:

4+ head blanks: 4Head

8+ Eye Blanks: 8Eyes