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  • [Instructions] Looking For Static/Non-moving Jaw?

    • 130.00

    This is not a product. This is instructions.

    Couldn't find the style of base you want with a static jaw? Here are your options. All options will still be hinged for easy access to work on the inside of the base. To seal it shut, simply close the base, grab some stiff foam, such as EVA foam, or other stiff material and glue it over the gap with high temp hot glue, connecting the top and bottom. The more glue, the better the hold.

    Option 1:
    Go to the product page of the base you want, once options show, select static jaw and pick from 1 of 2 premade static jaw styles. No email will be sent for approval of the base.


    Option 2:
    Redlining. This option requires approval from us before an order can be placed. If an order is placed without approval, it will be cancelled.

    Go to the product page of the base you want, grab the clay colored renders of the base and draw the changes you want made over them. These don't need to be masterpieces. Redlines made on the black and white photos will not be accepted. For static jaw, we will need front and side view. For other changes, please click here.

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