FuzzButt Fursuits Shipping Update 4-18-24

Apr 24, 2024
Wait times are only approximations. We do not intentionally go over the wait time. Printing takes time and we are only a 2 person team so please be patient. Thank you for ordering from us!

Total Boxes: 57
Oldest Open Order is from Mar 14th

Please be aware some orders from this round will be shipping later with our head sizer batch as they are awaiting parts. Orders waiting on head size or that gave it too late, held orders, and orders that are still awaiting approval are not included in the oldest open order count.

Orders placed before April 18th should be in the upcoming shipment. Orders placed after April 18th will not be in the upcoming shipment. Shipping prep can be unpredictable. We do not know which orders are going until we have gone through each order and tested everything. We do not have an exact date for when we will ship. We will ship when we are finished with working on parts for each order. We are not doing individual progress updates for orders. You will receive an email saying your order has shipped when we are done with this round of shipping.

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