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  • Silicone Toony Canine Noses

    • 12.00

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    Elevate your fursuit head to a new level with a squishy, boopable nose! These noses are made from the same soft silicone as our tongues, given a semi-glossy finish and come backed with cloth for easy gluing and sewing. The back of the nostrils are made thin enough to be cut out if you want airflow (especially useful if you're buying a fan!)

    We offer a variety of standard colors, or you can specify a color of your own. Keep in mind that custom colors may not come out exactly as specified but we do our best to match the color you supply!

    Silicone parts maintenance: If the nose is attracting dirt or fur, simply dust it with a light dusting of baby powder or fine corn starch.

    Sizing: You can use the measurements in the images to specify a nose yourself, or you can tell us the order number of your headbase and we'll pull up the model of the base, the models of the nose, and determine the right size for you! All sizes cost the same, making it hassle-free! If you order a nose and base in the same order, it'll be assumed the nose needs to match the base unless otherwise specified.

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