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  • Shiny Feline Claws

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    Price is per claw.

    To view shinies in gif format, click here.

    Small Feline:
    1.25" height(30.5mm)
    1.75" tip to base top(44.4mm)
    0.75" wide base(19mm)
    0.375" wide claw(9.5mm)

    Large Feline:
    1.75" height(44.5mm)
    2.5" tip to base top(63.5mm)
    1.25" wide base(31.75mm)
    .5" wide claw(12.7mm)

    These claws are made from cast resin, not 3D-printed.

    If you want to paint these claws yourself you can do so after washing them with a little soap and water to remove any demolding agent on the surface. Paint with your favorite acrylic paint!

    To attach these you will want to use gel super glue. Sometimes this can be found cheaper by searching for their generic name "Cyanoacrylate glue" or "CA glue". Hot glue does not adhere well to resin.

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