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  • LED Blush Kits

    • 30.00

    Expand the range of emotions your fursuit can portray with this blush kit! Each blush kit comes with two semitransparent 3d-printed discs each of which fits two LEDs. LED kit included.

    Momentary switch will come with extra wire length, allowing your fursuit to blush only when the button is pressed, such as when booping the nose. Installation of the button is the responsibility of the customer.

    Please keep in mind that in order to avoid problematic amounts of heat, there's a limit to how powerful of an LED we can use. We've assembled these LEDs to be as bright as they can be, but the blush won't be visible through thick/long pile or in bright rooms.

    Have a unique idea for this kit, but not sure how to make it work? Feel free to contact us to discuss it. We may be able to customize this kit to your needs!

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