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  • Cloven Hand Hoof Set

    • 45.00

    Price is for a 2 piece set measuring approximately:
    Length: 6.8"
    Width: 7"
    Height: 3.8"

    Please note that we do not sell resin hooves, as resin is too prone to cracking.

    Meet our handheld hooves! These hooves come 3d printed, which not only provides a realistic texture courtesy of the layer lines, but also a great clopping sound!

    Our unique dual-bar handle system provides for an easy grip from a variety of positions, allowing you to grip them from above or behind while your hand remains comfortable and concealed. The gap between the bars allows comfortable gripping of one bar at a time for those with much smaller hands.

    Attaching fur to these hooves is as easy as using some high temp hot glue.

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