Mini Bunny Jawset

  • 3.00

The main price is for bottom only or top only. To get both the top and bottom pieces is an additional $3 which is added as a separate product.

Chibi jawsets are lightly detailed teeth used mostly in toony or kemono styles. These jawsets can be used with any base and are not limited to kemono bases. There's no additional cost to have these adjusted for another base. Just let us know what base to adjust for in the text box above and we'll do that for you.

These jawsets are 3D printed, durable, and super light weight. They fit into the base perfectly. These jawsets ship in black or white and can be easily sanded smooth and/or painted to get exactly the look you were going for! Please contact us regarding unlisted colors before ordering. These are not solid like resin and can't be cut down so if you want an altered version, please contact us before ordering.

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