[Instructions] Design Your Own Head Base 2

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This is not a product. This is instructions.

The bases shown here are not available for purchase or for alteration.


So you've perused our offerings but still can't find what you're looking for?

Have no fear! Almost all of the bases we offer came to be because someone clicked this link, just like you. To ensure you can always get the head base you need, we offer free (yes free!) customization of any of our bases to make the base of your dreams a reality.

Sounds great, right? So what's the next step?

Come visit us on our discord and we can work with you one on one to create exactly what you're looking for!

A quick overview of the customization process:

Option 1:

Step 1: Grab the renders of the base that looks most like the look you're going for. More instructions found on the bases customization option.

Step 2: Redline the changes you'd like made right onto those renders. These don't need to be masterpieces, it's just something visual to get us all on the same page. This tells us where to move things so do not alter the renders and remember, if you turn the opacity down, to turn it back up before approval. If 2D drawing isn't your thing we do have someone in the discord who loves to help people with them, so don't fret!

Step 2.5: All alterations require approval from us. All custom work gets approved by the customer before anything prints and we will work with you if further adjustments need to be made, so there's no risk to you.

Step 3: If the adjustment isn't something simple, come into the discord and say hi! Once we know you're looking for a custom head base we'll reserve a channel just for you so we can keep track of all the intricate details and talk to you without distraction. It'll be in this channel that we'll give you renders of adjustments as they're made to approve or adjust. This option is necessary for things such as horns, antlers, and additional features such as four eyes.

Step 4: All edits will be done after the redlines are approved and the order is placed and we reach you in the sculpting queue. Once you're happy with the base and we reach it in the queue, we'll print it and all other accessories you ordered and ship on our usual shipping time. 


Option 2:

If you are looking for an existing extinct or living species that we don't have, please grab a picture of the species, write the entire species name on the picture, and use that for customization on a similar base. We'll find the references we need and we'll make the species for gender neutral, feminine, and kemono. We'll then send you screenshots of each and have you pick one as is or to redline changes. 


Thanks for your interest in our work, and we hope to hear from you soon!


Why buy a FuzzButt Head?


Lightweight and vents heat:

Ask anyone with fursuiting experience what detracts the most from their ability to enjoy suiting and one answer will stand out above the rest: Heat. All our heads come with vent holes specially placed to make the head easy to pattern, reduce weight, and help vent heat. Stop spending all your time cooling off in the headless lounge and get back to suiting faster!

Doesn’t snap like a rigid resin head:

Our heads are printed with a non-petroleum, eco-friendly thermoplastic that will flex before taking damage. Make no mistake, though! These heads are still stiff and will maintain its shape perfectly.

Comes already cut and hinged:

Does your fursona need a moving jaw? Awesome! Don’t break the bank getting your jaw cut and hinged for you. We will print your order as two separate pieces, each designed to close just where you want it.

What’s more, our hinges are built right into the base. No more worrying about snapping the hinge off the back of the head, getting it caught on something, or having to hide it with foam. These moving jaw heads come assembled and ready to pad and fur!

Printing Time

Our heads take about 2-3 days to print and we ship weekly. Please keep in mind that there may be orders ahead of yours and depending on how big our queue is it may take up to 4 weeks to print your order. If you're in a rush, feel free to shoot us an email or drop into our discord to ask about our current lead time. We are doing our best to increase our capacity to meet demand.

Free Customization*

Because our heads don’t rely on pre-made molds, we can modify a each print to suit your needs. We offer this customization free to our customers. This applies to species not currently in our library, a custom species you created, or perhaps you want one already in our library but with a longer muzzle, different vent pattern etc. 

Interested? Contact us with what you’re looking for and we’ll email you back an example for you to approve or adjust.

(*additional cost may apply for large extra features e.g. horns or antlers)

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