Pre-printed Bases

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These are perfectly good bases. They are just extras.

1. Gender Neutral Saluki (9 head height. Plastic: White)
        - LED eye rims included
        - Mini simple carnivore jawset included
2. Kemono Corgi Variant 1 (9 head height. Plastic: White)
3. Gender Neutral Catdog (9 head height. Plastic: Black)
        - Flat nose. Measurements in pictures.
4. Kemono Wickerbeast (10 head height. Plastic: Black)
        - Slight imperfection on muzzle. Base is perfectly usable and will not have an
           effect on the finished product.
5. Feminine Bunny Variant 1 (9 head height. Plastic: White)
6. Gender Neutral Skunk Realistic Alteration (9 head height. Plastic: White)
        - Hole nose. 2.5"W x 2.25"H
        - Fits 1.5" realistic eye blanks
7. Gender Neutral Toony Round-nosed Dragon Complex Variant 2 (9.5 head height. Plastic: White)
        - Drilled nostrils

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