Custom Head Base

  • 80.00

We offer to custom make your head just the way you want it. Send us a comment or join our discord from our Contact Us page to get started.

Customization is offered at no extra cost. We can alter one of our current heads or we can make a completely new one to fit what you're looking for. An additional fee of $20 applies if you want to keep the model exclusive to yourself (meaning no one else can order your model). As with all our models, large features such as antlers or horns will cost extra.
We do not give out our models and we do not allow reproduction of any product for either personal or commission use.


Why buy a FuzzButt Head?


Lightweight and vents heat:

Ask anyone with fursuiting experience what detracts the most from their ability to enjoy suiting and one answer will stand out above the rest: Heat. All our heads come with vent holes specially placed to make the head easy to pattern, reduce weight, and help vent heat. Stop spending all your time cooling off in the headless lounge and get back to suiting faster!

Doesn’t snap like a rigid resin head:

Our heads are printed with a non-petroleum, eco-friendly resin that will flex before taking damage. Make no mistake, though! These heads are still stiff and will maintain its shape perfectly.

Comes already cut and hinged:

Does your fursona need a moving jaw? Awesome! Don’t break the bank getting your jaw cut and hinged for you. We will print your order as two separate pieces, each designed to close just where you want it.

What’s more, our hinges are built right into the base. No more worrying about snapping the hinge off the back of the head, getting it caught on something, or having to hide it with foam. These moving jaw heads come assembled and ready to pad and fur!

Fast turnaround (typically just a few days!)

Are you on a deadline and need your head ASAP? Our heads take about 1.5 days to print and we ship the day after. Because we 3d print our heads we can buy another machine as necessary to keep waitlists under control. As our downtime allows we also pre-print heads for your convenience.

Free Customization*

Because our heads don’t rely on pre-made molds, we can modify a each print to suit your needs. We offer this customization free to our customers. This applies to species not currently in our library, a custom species you created, or perhaps you want one already in our library but with a longer muzzle, different vent pattern etc. 

Interested? Contact us with what you’re looking for and we’ll email you back an example for you to approve or adjust.

(*additional cost may apply for large extra features e.g. horns or antlers)

Measurements Provided

Stop guessing what will fit where. Each head comes with measurement photos of all the common areas. Don’t see a measurement? Feel free to note us on our site, FA, or our Discord and we’ll get you exactly what you need.


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