Shipping Updates

Apr 24, 2024


We will be adding our usual shipping updates as a blog to the site. The shipping updates will be done every time we finish a new shipping round or a mini shipping round. Each round starts with order input, then modelling, then printing and casting, electronics, etc. There is a lot to a normal shipping round. Mini shipments will contain head sizers, parts only orders that don't need to be made such as magnets and brushes, and any left over bases that needed parts reprinted during the shipping round before the mini shipment.

Each update will have a total box count. Regular shipping updates will have the latest order number that is not a base waiting for a head size, waiting for approval on something, orders that the customer requested a hold on, and head sizes that were given too late in the process.

We hope this will help people's trust in our process. As always, please remember that we are only a 2 person time so please be patient.

Thank you!

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